Simblee For Mobile - Android is Now Available on Google Play


July 19, 2016

Simblee, the revolutionary IoT (Internet of Things) platform, is now available to Android users. Simblee, the world's first and smallest, fully certified wireless IoT module and it's unique Push UI app, Simblee for Mobile, is now available on the Google Play store, enabling developers to easily create cross-platform interfaces for their smart, connected products.

Simblee seamlessly incorporates Bluetooth(TM) Smart, Mobile, and Cloud to create a truly end-to-end IoT development platform. Including an ARM Cortex microcontroller, Simblee provides developers with the functionality required to deploy robust products. With its unique "Push UI" technology, billions of users can interact with Simblee-connected devices instantly using the Simblee for Mobile app!

We are happy to now offer Simblee capabilities to the over 1.5 billion Android users around the world.


Heptagon Announces Acquisition of RF Digital Corporation

Business Wire

June 8, 2016

Transaction joins the innovative Simblee™ IoT technology for devices, mobile and cloud with Heptagon’s industry leading 3D imaging and sensing solutions, creating new possibilities and unparalleled value for customers

“We are very pleased to welcome the RF Digital team to Heptagon,” says Christian Tang-Jespersen, Heptagon’s CEO and President. “RF Digital’s cutting-edge wireless technology and products positions us to deliver an even broader range of innovative industry-leading solutions that address the rapidly evolving needs for the Interface of Things™.”

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Creating IoT Devices & Controlling Them With Your Smartphone or Tablet

EE Times

December 15, 2015

Now we have the Simblee module, which is 10mm x 7mm x 2mm in size, and which contains two main functions: A 32-bit ARM Cortex-M0 processor (with 128KB of Flash and 24KB of RAM running at 16MHz) and a Bluetooth Smart engine.

If you are creating commercial or industrial products from the ground up, then you will almost certainly decide to mount Simblee modules directly on your circuit boards. By comparison, when it comes to prototyping or hobbyist applications, you may find it more advantageous to use one of the Simblee breakout boards. There are currently two such boards; one offers seven GPIO (general-purpose input/output) pins while the other provides 29 GPIOs.

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Hands-on with Simblee, connecting things to the cloud through smartphones

ARS Technica

December 15, 2015

Earlier this year, Ars Technica got a demonstration of a technology that seeks to change how we interact with embedded computing technology—tying together Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) communications, Arduino-style microcontroller technology, and mobile Internet connectivity. The chip at the core of the technology, called Simblee, allows device developers to build and deploy their own mobile applications without having to write iOS or Android code or having to publish their applications through an app store. Eight months have passed, and Simblee Corporation's eponymous chip is now shipping.

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RF Digital’s revolutionary new product Simblee™ is now in stock at major worldwide distributors

Simblee Corp

December 15, 2015

“The response to the pre-launch has been massive” said Armen Kazanchian, Simblee Corp Co-Founder “We are excited to get the products into our customer’s hands, it’s a great way to let the world finally experience what we’ve spent the last few years creating.”

“Simblee offers a whole new approach to IoT deployment; not having to create an app for every platform simplifies development effort as well as enhances usability for the consumer” said Dr. Michael W. Foley, Ph.D., Chief Technology Officer at Simblee Corp. “After experiencing the products, there is no doubt that everyone will understand what all the excitement is about.”

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A bridge to everywhere - How RF Digital connects people, places and things


October 12, 2015

It’s now been several years since the Internet of Things first promised to create seamless, ultimately invisible interactions between our physical world and the digital world we now rely on so heavily. Every device with a circuit board should be able to talk to each other, fusing their electronic world with ours.

That vision is becoming more real, but perhaps not in the way you might think.

The Internet as we know it—servers, routers, mobile apps, and Wi-Fi networks on every corner—only gets us so far. Sending all our data through millions of unknown nodes and hubs has its limitations (and headaches). A truly interconnected web of machines, and people, needs something better to hold it together.

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Dr. Michael Foley, Former Executive Director of the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG), Joins RF Digital’s Simblee Team

Business Wire

Mar 30, 2015

“We are honored to have Mike as part of our team, and are looking forward to an extraordinary future with him as a part of the Simblee team,” said Armen Kazanchian, founder and president of RF Digital Corporation. “The momentous role that Mike has played in the creation and global adoption of Bluetooth itself makes him a perfect fit for our team and global plan. His creativity, in-depth understanding of communications, the underlying technology, the ecosystem, and how Simblee plays its role in the future of the IoT are significant assets.”

“Simblee eliminates so many issues when scaling IoT. It's very creative with infinite possibilities, across a wide range of industries for consumers and developers. This type of forward thinking is what really excites me,” said Foley. “Simblee is a massive step forward for connecting devices via simple mobile apps and then getting that data to the Cloud. Simblee is the future. I'm very pleased to be part of this fast moving, innovative team.”

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IoT4EE: This Could Change Everything

Max Maxfield, EE Times

Mar 13, 2015

I truly believe that IoT4EE technology like the Simblee is going to change the way we think about the IoT. If you want to learn more, check out this column I posted earlier today over on, which explains things in excruciating detail.

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IoT4EE -- Opening up the IoT for Everyone and Everything

Clive Maxfield, Embedded

Mar 12, 2015

Every now and then, I am lucky enough to run across a real game changer that puts a spring in my step, a twinkle in my eye, and makes my creative juices start to flow. Such an occurrence just came my way. This new technology will make it possible for just about anyone to quickly and easily create, develop, and deploy "things" for use with the Internet of Things (IoT). O frabjous day!

This little rascal, which is known as the Simblee, is tiny in size (7mm x 10mm x 2.2mm) and awesome in scope.

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"Simblee is going to revolutionize BLE and how people and things connect with each other"

Stephanie Guimera, PRWeb

Feb 27, 2015

Symmetry Electronics Accepting Pre-Orders for the Simblee by RF Digital.

RF Digital's groundbreaking new product, Simblee, will revolutionize Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) connectivity and the way in which people and things connect with each other. Simblee is a 7 x 10 mm BLE module with built-in antenna and ARM controller and 29 GPIOs. It is 100 times faster than conventional BLE with 3 millisecond latency and 10 microsecond accuracy, and offers unlimited connections, opening up possibilities in applications including wearables, medical, gaming, military, automotive, point of sale, and industrial applications.

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New chip lets gadget developers build mobile apps into their devices

Sean Gallagher, Ars Technica

Feb 26, 2015

Exclusive first look: Arduino-derived Simblee chip embeds "apps" into physical things.

But Simblee does more than just ease the development path. The device's extremely low connection latency and its timing accuracy give it potential applications in everything from wearable medical devices to gaming to industrial applications. It also provides an easy onramp for developers to build Internet of Things applications. And it's so small and inexpensive that it can be embedded in a wide variety of objects, like toys, store shelves, restaurant tables, and aircraft engines.

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